Raising Wildlings

How to Start a Nature Co-Op with Vanessa Hartmann

May 31, 2021 Vicci Oliver and Nicki Farrell Season 2 Episode 21
Raising Wildlings
How to Start a Nature Co-Op with Vanessa Hartmann
Show Notes

In this episode we are talking to Vanessa Hartmann, creator of the "Year In Nature Guide," about homeschooling, nature co-ops and her profound insights on nature based living.

👉  Vanessa describes

  • Her “Year in Nature Guide” and why she created it
  • What her guide includes
  • Where you can access her guide
  • Why she decided to homeschool and create her own co-op
  • How she got her husband onboard
  • What a nature co-op is
  • The benefits she sees in the children participating
  • The impacts of screen time and the news on children and adults
  • Her intentions for her child’s education as he grows up
  • Why many children are unnecessarily medicated 
  • The famous Raising Wildlings rapid fire questions

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👉  Links and Resources

Resources & References

A Year in Nature Guide
Marco Polo App
YouTube Channel
Women Who Run With Wolves

Guest Details

Vanessa is a homeschooling mum, military spouse and yogi that has found a passion for creating what doesn’t exist yet as her and her family move to the next adventure. She has gone into the Mojave desert and created a positive spotlight for mommas and their kiddos to create a healthy lifestyle. As her son has gotten older she’s transitioned to creating and leading homeschool co ops in nature. Community makes all the difference and Vanessa loves helping others create the community you are in need of.

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