Raising Wildlings

S2E11: Awaken to Art, Connection to Country and Racism with Jandamarra Cadd

March 22, 2021 Vicci Oliver and Nicki Farrell Season 2 Episode 11
Raising Wildlings
S2E11: Awaken to Art, Connection to Country and Racism with Jandamarra Cadd
Show Notes

In this episode, we’re talking with first custodian artist Jandamarra Cadd about connection to country, art as therapy and how to talk to your kids about racism. Settle in and get ready to be inspired, informed and awakened. 

👉  Jandamarra shares

  • About his life story and when he first picked up a paintbrush.
  • How his spirit was awakened. 
  • About connection to country as such an important part of culture and why and how all families might benefit from a strong connection to country.
  • His suggestions for those people who are disconnected from country and nature, or perhaps were never given the opportunity to connect or may be afraid of nature can get to know their country.
  • About his lovely walking on country practice with his girls and what he does with his girls on those days. 
  • About intergenerational trauma and his loving role in raising his girls. 
  • About the current education system and how we can help improve it. 
  • How last year impacted him and his family.
  • About systematic racism and the beauty of Indigenous culture that has been hidden. 
  • How he talks to his kids about privilege, race and racism and his tips on how white parents can talk to their kids about racism.
  • About a joyful project he is working on now. 

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Insta: @jandamarrasart

👉 Guest Details

Jandamarra Cadd is a Yorta Yorta and Dja Dja Warung descendent, artist and father. Jandamarra is an inspirational man with many stories to tell. His artwork is emotive and insightful – and is a powerful medium to bridge the story telling divide between Aboriginal and mainstream Australia. 
Painting has been a way of life that has enabled him to express his creativity and storytelling and in many of his paintings of the human condition, he seeks to be a peaceful voice for unity.  Jandamarra uses a variety of styles and mediums; with his unique blend of traditional aboriginal art techniques along with his own signature contemporary portraiture.
Jandamarra has not only been a finalist in every major Portrait Art Prize in Australia, but is also in very high demand as an Inspirational Speaker and Ambassador. We are very, very lucky to have him on the show.

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