Raising Wildlings

Babies Need Nature Too!

February 22, 2021 Vicci Oliver and Nicki Farrell Season 1 Episode 7
Raising Wildlings
Babies Need Nature Too!
Show Notes

In this episode, we are talking about why taking babies out into nature is not only the ultimate sensory experience, but how it will also help to develop their confidence and understanding of the natural world. Babies are natural investigators. You only have to spend a short amount of time with them to see that they are curious little scientists, experimenting with everything they can get their hands on to make sense of the world, and being a parent of a baby is like seeing the world again with brand new eyes. We receive many enquiries asking when is the right age to start taking our children out into nature, and our response is the same every time. Children are never too small to experience the benefits of being out in nature. Let’s look at why! 

👉  Vicci and Nicki discuss:

  • The amazing, mind-blowing science and deeper meaning of why we need to make nature time a priority for babies
  • Nature as the ultimate sensory experience
  • The importance of a baby carrier
  • Ideas of what taking your baby out in nature can look like
  • Risk assessing for babies outdoors

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Vicci Oliver and Nicki Farrell are adventurous nature play makers, risk-takers, children’s rights advocates and the co-founders of Wildlings Forest School. We are the hosts of the ‘Raising Wildlings’ podcast and we put the dirt back in childhood.

During any Wildlings Forest School program, you are likely to find Wildlings up trees, sliding down mud slides, whittling with pocket knives, lighting fires and building rafts. We let kids, be kids - because children can’t learn to protect nature if they’ve never had a childhood in it.

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